Please Sign the Petition to Keep Politics Out of Life Saving Health Care

Welcome to Help Rachel Breathe! This website has been set up to raise awareness of and funds for a non-optional, order life-saving trachea transplant for Rachel Phillips. Please read Rachel’s Story for more in-depth background on her situation.

In short, purchase Rachel suffers from a genetic condition which causes her tissues to degenerate. She is currently suffering from 90% collapse of her airways and MUST have a trachea transplant to live. The new trachea must be grown from her own adult stem cells. This procedure will take time. She must also raise the funds necessary to travel overseas to have the transplant done as it is currently illegal to perform it in the United States. This is also taking time. But time is running out for her. We need a LOT of help to make this happen in time to save Rachel’s life.

Today we are asking you to do something that will take very little time and cost you nothing. Please sign the petition to Keep Politics Out of Life Saving Health Care.

Rachel Phillips needs to use HER OWN adult stem cells to grow a new trachea to replace hers, which is rapidly deteriorating. Due to the term

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