Pennies for Rachel

Join our Pennies for Rachel fundraiser!

Do you have a pickle jar hidden off in a closet somewhere into which you toss your loose change? Perhaps a bowl on your dresser? A container in your car? While that change may not mean a lot to you, purchase it can mean a lot to Rachel. By contributing that money that you may not miss, you can help get Rachel a little closer to the life-saving transplant she needs.

Don’t have spare change lying around? Or you do, but you want to take it a step further? Get a coffee can, pickle jar, whatever empty container you have on hand, print out a picture of Rachel, and put it on the container. Find a good place to ask for donations of people’s spare change such as at your church or a local business that will allow you to do so. If you have a smartphone, you may want to use it to show passersby Rachel’s message to explain what you are doing. Ask people to donate whatever spare change they have on hand to help Rachel get the care she needs. Then contribute it through one of the means available on our Donate page.

It’s a simple way to expand our pool of donors being those who have already given. If you are on Facebook, see our Pennies for Rachel event page if you have questions or would like to share tips on collecting donations.

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