Steven’s Special Request

Dear Friends, search

We desperately need your help.

But first I am going to tell you a brief story to introduce why we need you to help us.

The other night I watched a movie about the WWII rescue of British troops at Dunkirk. It documented how a blitz of the German army had trapped several hundred thousand allied troops with their backs up against the sea at Dunkirk. Germany was bombarding them and could have easily wiped out the entire army. The Royal Navy was unable to enter the harbor without risking the Germans destroying the entire fleet.

However, nurse what the most powerful navy in the world couldn’t do, physician private fishermen, merchant marines, and the citizens of the coastal villages of England decided to try to do by themselves. Sailing under the cover of darkness and fog banks, in little tug boats, fishing trawlers, barges from the docks at Brighton and Portsmouth, and private sail boats – almost a thousand “little ships” in all

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