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License Agreement Governing The Use Of Help Rachel Breathe Materials

All materials included on our website ( including, rx but not limited to, stomach Rachel’s story, all photos, artwork, writings, or poems, and the name Help Rachel Breathe or, are Copyrighted and/or considered Trademarked materials and require prior authorization for their use (except in some instances, as outlined below). Any use of these materials shall be considered a

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Notice: Copyright and/or Trademark is hereby claimed for all original materials published on this site, on any Help Rachel Breathe Facebook pages, or any other internet sites. Such ownership shall include, but is not limited to, original photos, writings, poems, artwork, and the name Help Rachel Breathe. These materials are the property of Rachel and/or Steven Phillips. No use of these materials is allowed without the expressed written permission of the Copyright/Trademark owners. Copyright 2011.

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