Get Rachel’s Story to Ellen DeGeneres!

We need your help to get Rachel Phillips’ story to Ellen DeGeneres to see if we can get her to donate some money for the surgery and aftercare and help get the story out to a wider audience. Please follow the instructions below explicitly so we can make a big impact by getting the same information in front of them consistently.

  1. Go to Ellen’s Be a Part of the Show page.
  2. Fill out the upper part of the form.
    —When it asks for a picture, viagra use this one:

    —When it asks for the web address… use this web address:

    —Next it will ask you to TELL US YOUR STORY. You can copy and paste the text below. However, keep the same title and remove the part set off by ***s and shown in red. Replace this with YOUR OWN INFORMATION. Please use THIS EXACT TITLE before entering your own two sentences. We want ALL OF THEM TO HAVE THE SAME TITLE!


    ****My name is Jaclynn Boley and I have Classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome just like my friend Rachel Phillips. EDS is a debilitating disease that led to me being disabled and unable to work at the age of 33.*****

    Rachel is 34 years old and a former dancer with the Royal Ballet of London. She also danced at the Kirov in Russia, the Nashville Ballet, Ballet West in Salt Lake City, Utah and other dance companies both here and abroad.

    Unfortunately, she developed a serious medical condition that has caused her to put her life on hold for the past several years. Her airways are failing from severe tracheobronchomalasia (TBM), a condition that causes trachea and bronchial airways to collapse. The underlying condition that brought about this problem in her case was Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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